Our very first skype connection was with Silvia tolisano's school: San José Episcopal Day School.

We had to work around the timezone difference, but when everything was finally set up it was time to prepare for the big event. We (me and my students) gathered in our school's Language Department office and while some of us went about setting up all the necessary equipment, the others practiced what they were going to say. It was truly a treat to watch my students, they were both nervous and eager, but most of all they were involved in what they were doing.

Finally our skype phone rang and Silvia's students were there talking to us! What a thrill! We found out lots about them: they attend a private school, they wear a uniform, which they don't particularly like, they have beaches nearby, they like American football and what got us really jealous: the next day they were going on a field trip to washington!

The skype call that was meant to last only 5 minutes, quickly extended itself to a 15 minute conversation. Time just flew by! When it was over we sat down and shared our views on it. We agreed that we needed to work on our excitment level so as not to talk as a group during the skype calls and we also need to pay more attention to the chat window, because we kept missing out on what they were asking us, although that only happened because we couldn't listen to San Jose very well.  But we also agreed that this experience was a great learning opportunity and that we had become more aware of the cultural differences between us and them.

Below you have a video player with both the preparation of the skype call and the call itself. My students did all the recording and collaborated on the editing of it. Hope you enjoy it. See you on our next skype call!


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